The mission of the United States Parent Licensing Bureau (USPLB) is to protect each potential citizen’s right to a quality life.

A quality life as defined by the USPLB is one in which:

  1. The invitation of a biological child into the home has been thoughtfully and thoroughly considered prior to the child’s conception.
  2. The child(ren) will experience a life free from undue mental or physical abuse, to include neglect.
  3. The child(ren) can reasonably expect to receive the necessary shelter, medical attention, healthful nourishment, and parental involvement.
  4. The child(ren) will be cared for by someone outside of a state or federal government entity upon the death or disability of the legal or biological guardian(s).

The parent licensing evaluation process fairly and objectively assesses the viability of each potential biological or adoptive guardian in order to promote happy, healthy families and a well-adjusted and productive nation.